Need a Cleaning Service in Durham Region that uses Natural Products?

Welcome to our new website! Do you need a Cleaning Service in Durham Region that uses natural products rather than harsh toxic chemicals? At We’re Cleaning Green – we can help!

Although, I am not necessarily a writer, I excited and nervous to start a blog. I have always been a highly organized person and LOVE cleanliness. My mother instilled that in me!  So, why not write down some of my thoughts around this topic. Over the years, I have become very aware of our impact on the environment. This will be a great place for me to share some of the information that I have discovered and some solutions as well! Like everyone else, over the past few months, I have been researching Covid-19 and the worlds cleaning practices. That is definitely a topic worth writing about!

The Covid-19 Pandemic has now kept us in our homes for almost two months. I have been using this time wisely by updating our business methods, procedures, and social media presence. Have you seen our Instagram and Facebook pages? Being closed for business has allowed me to really focus on the future. It is looking bright!

I am always continuing to better We’re Cleaning Green’s environmental practices. Currently, I am researching a product line that will reduce the number of large plastic jugs WCG uses. Ask my friends and family, I have a strong option regarding plastic! There will be more information regarding this to come!

Our Premier announced that as of Tuesday May 19th,  2020, house cleaners are permitted to go back to work! Of course, I am more than excited! It is very understandable that many people are hesitant about outsiders entering their homes. I believe we are entering a new normal. A normal were we are constantly fearful of illness. Rest assured that WCG’s staff will be practicing social distancing, cleaning our products/equipment daily and are wearing personal protective equipment. Because we do not clean in teams or travel in cars together, the staff are reducing the risk of any cross contamination. I also ask clients to remain in a different room while the service is being completed or better yet, head out for a walk.  Everyone is nervous. I will do our best to make the transition to the new normal as stress free as possible.

We’re Cleaning Green recently ran a FREE 6 Hour Cleaning Giveaway. I asked our social media followers to nominate a front-line worker that could use some help. The winner, Giselle, works at a long-term care facility. She is a mom and a wife, trying to juggle her career and family life during this difficult time. Congratulations Giselle! Thank you for putting your own health at risk to ensure our senior population is well taken care off.

Did you know that WCG has an amazing referral program? If one of your family or friends signs up for a regular cleaning package, you will receive 15% off your next scheduled clean. Word of mouth is my favourite form of advertising!!

Finally, I am thrilled with our new website. Thank you, Richard and the CMS Web Solutions Team, for building a great website. It was truly a pain free experience!

Diane Eidt