Frequently Asked Questions

Quotes are developed with several factors in mind; the square footage of the house, the number and type of rooms to be cleaned. For example, bathrooms cost more than bedrooms. Hardwood floors take longer to clean than carpet.

All recurring cleaning clients are charged by the job. One time cleans and gift certificates are sold by the hour.

Every house is different. We can offer an estimated time of completion, but it is only an estimate as everyone works at different speeds. If you prefer us to be done sooner rather than later, we can provide an additional person.

Yes! The very first time we clean your home, we will be doing a longer deep clean. This clean will take approximately double the amount of time to complete. Everything is moved and washed creating a ‘clean slate’ for us to maintain weekly or biweekly.

We will bring everything needed to clean your home. If you have a product that you would prefer us to use, just let us know. Please keep in mind that we do prefer ‘green’ products.

Yes. It is common practice to use the client’s vacuum cleaner. This also ensures that there is not any cross contamination from other homes. However, if your vacuum is not in great condition or broken, we will supply one.

We use Natura Cleaning Products that are made in Ontario and sold exclusively at Home Hardware. They are environmentally friendly and do the job!

Yes, we do. Consistency in staffing is important however, if your cleaner is sick or on vacation another trained employee will take their place!

You do not need to be at home if you have other commitments or need to be at work. We want to make your experience totally stress free.  If you prefer to be home, we certainly understand.

Many clients are comfortable offering us their garage code, door lock code or a key. Another great solution is to attach a lockbox to your door the morning of the clean. If you choose to be away from the house and have an alarm, we will need that code as well. Alternatively, you can keep the alarm off the day of your clean.

If you need to reschedule, please give us 48 hours’ notice. Cancelled cleans without adequate notice and/or the lack of access to your home the day of the clean, will be charged 50% of your rate. Our staff count on their hours and will be paid. With enough notice, we will be able to fill your spot with a waiting customer.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you notice that an item may have been overlooked, we ask that you contact us as soon as you notice the issue. One of the staff or management will correct the issue at their earliest opportunity. We pride ourselves in doing the job right!

Payments are to be made prior to the day of the service.  We accept cash, cheques, and, email money transfers.

Hiring a cleaning service can be a difficult decision. The thought of having a stranger in your home can be unsettling.  Until a person becomes part of our team, we conduct a rigorous hiring procedure. All our staff are thoroughly vetted. We insist on in person interviews, call references, and current criminal background checks. Once those requirements are met, the applicant then participates in a hands-on training process. It is not until we are 100% confident that they will make a great team member, that they are offered a position with We’re Cleaning Green. We are proud to say that our team is much like a family that cares very much about each other!

Every member of our team is an employee. They are covered by WSIB should an accident happen. They are paid above minimum wage, statutory holidays and vacation pay. We’re Cleaning Green is compliant with the Employment Standards Act.

We like to refer to this as the pre-clean tidy up! It is appreciated if items are put away, toys and clothing are off the floor and the counters are clear. This allows us to concentrate on providing you with a thorough clean. It also ensures that we do not move an item to the wrong location.

Yes, we are fully insured with $2 million liability insurance.

“Outstanding! Our cleaner is an absolute keeper We have nothing but great thinks to say about her efforts. We both are grateful for the amazing job. She didn’t miss a corner or an inch.”
DT – Ajax ON